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BrightPay Cloud: As of April 2017 we will be offering BrightPay cloud to all of our clients!

As of the new tax year we are going to be offering clients a new online employee portal called Brightpay Cloud which will cost £49 + VAT per year.
BrightPay Cloud provides a web/mobile based self-service dashboard for employees and employers to log in and access their payroll data. Employees can even directly request things like annual leave and updates to their personal details which, once approved, will synchronise back to BrightPay on your PC or Mac.
Give your employees easy access to their payroll documents and data.
When you have connected your employer file to BrightPay Cloud, you will be able to invite your employees to access Self Service, allowing them to:

  • Browse and download their history of payslips and other payroll documents.
  • View their payroll calendar, including annual leave, sick leave and parenting leave.
  • Request annual leave directly from Self Service. Approved requests will flow directly back down to BrightPay on your PC or Mac.
  • View the personal details you currently hold for them, and request to make updates. Approved requests will flow directly back down to BrightPay on your PC or Mac.

Employees can access Self Service from any computer (PC or Mac), tablet (e.g. iPad), or smartphone (e.g. iPhone, Android).
To see a demo of this product go to

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